Reginald Atkinson


Mayor Reginald Atkinson is a devoted father and grandfather we well as an active member in the community. He is on the Board of Elders at the Metlakatla Presbyterian Church. At the church he also fills in for the pastor in his absence.

Mayor Reginald Atkinson sat on council for three terms and was acting mayor during a portion of those years. This is his first time serving the Metlakatla Indian Community as the Mayor and City Manager. He was drafted onto the military in 1969 and served one year and is now a Vietnam Combat Veteran. in His past is composed of 20 years of construction all over the state of Alaska. He was also with Tribal Forestry in MIC for 10 years. Then he moved on to the Alaska Marine Highway where he retired after 15 years of service.

As mayor he would like to establish a land based economic industry. It is crucial to look out for our community and its members and he understands the complexity of doing so. One thing he would like to accomplish while in office is to re-establish a solid relationship with the state of Alaska. As mayor he wants to ensure that there is a good standing relationship between the council, the MIC staff and most importantly, the public.

Nathan Fawcett


Treasurer Nathan Fawcett has devoted most of his professional career to the Metlakatla Indian Community and its politics. In 2008 he became Treasurer and stayed in office until 2015. He took a break to work with Forestry as the Geospatial Information Systems technician, run the Tribal Transportation Program and conduct IT support for MIC. During this time, he ran for council and sat at the table as a councilmember for one term. Once again Nathan ran for office and became the Metlakatla Indian Community Treasurer once again.

During this current term, Nathan’s time has been primarily designated to the pandemic and the funding that has come through as a result. Beyond the COVID-19 work, he has handled the restructuring of staff. Overall, his objective is to address reoccurring weaknesses in the financial management of the tribe by working with council, executives and staff as it is a team effort.

Judith Eaton


The primary role as the Metlakatla Indian Community Secretary is to maintain Council minutes, records and Membership rolls. Tasks are also directed to the secretary’s office by the Council or the Mayor. The secretary also seeks funding for the 4th of July and August 7th celebrations. After spending over a decade with the Metlakatla Indian Community, Judith knows what truly runs a highly professional business.